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Alauda Container Platform is included as an Honorable Mention in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for DevOps Platforms

Case Study: Hong Kong Government Agency Mitigates Vendor Lock-in and Improves DevOps Agility with Alauda Container Platform

A critical government agency in Hong Kong, responsible for managing sensitive data and mission-critical applications, had been using OpenShift as their container platform. However, they faced significant challenges with vendor lock-in, high licensing costs, and limited DevOps agility, hindering their ability to rapidly deploy and scale applications.



Vendor Lock-in Risk
The agency was heavily dependent on a single vendor for their container platform, raising concerns about long-term vendor control and potential cost escalations.
High Licensing Costs
The proprietary nature of OpenShift resulted in substantial licensing fees, straining the agency's IT budget and limiting resource allocation for other critical initiatives.
Limited DevOps Agility
The agency's DevOps team struggled with complex deployment processes and limited flexibility in customizing the platform to meet their specific needs.
High Availability Concerns
As the agency's applications became more mission-critical, ensuring high availability and resilience became paramount, but OpenShift's scalability and failover capabilities were not meeting their requirements.


After extensive evaluation, the agency decided to migrate to Alauda Container Platform, an open-source, enterprise-grade container management solution that addressed their critical pain points:

Open-Source and Vendor-Neutral
Alauda Container Platform is built on open-source technologies like Kubernetes, eliminating the risk of vendor lock-in and providing long-term flexibility and control.
Cost-Effective Pricing

By adopting an open-source solution, the agency significantly reduced their licensing costs, enabling them to reallocate resources more effectively.


Alauda's platform offered streamlined deployment processes, customization options, and intuitive management tools, empowering the agency's DevOps team to work more efficiently and accelerate application delivery.

High Availability and Scalability

Alauda Container Platform is designed for high availability and can scale seamlessly to accommodate the agency's growing application workloads, ensuring mission-critical applications remain resilient and performant.


The agency collaborated closely with Alauda's professional services team to plan and execute a smooth migration from OpenShift to Alauda Container Platform:

Assessment and Planning
Alauda conducted a thorough assessment of the agency's existing infrastructure, applications, and requirements, developing a detailed migration plan.
Proof of Concept and Testing

A pilot deployment was set up to validate the platform's capabilities, ensuring compatibility with existing applications and meeting stringent security and compliance requirements.

DevOps Training and Enablement

Alauda provided comprehensive training to the agency's DevOps team, ensuring they could leverage the platform's advanced features and optimize their workflows.

Phased Migration

Applications were migrated in phases, minimizing disruption and validating the process at each stage.

Go-Live and Support
Alauda's support team assisted with the final go-live and provided ongoing support and maintenance.


With Alauda Container Platform, the Hong Kong government agency successfully mitigated vendor lock-in risks, reduced costs, and improved DevOps agility, while ensuring high availability and resilience for their mission-critical applications.

Mitigated Vendor Lock-in Risk
The open-source nature of Alauda's platform eliminated the agency's dependence on a single vendor, providing long-term flexibility and control over their container infrastructure.
Significant Cost Savings
The agency realized substantial cost savings by eliminating proprietary licensing fees, allowing them to reallocate resources to other critical initiatives.
Improved DevOps Agility
The streamlined deployment processes, customization options, and intuitive management tools empowered the agency's DevOps team to accelerate application delivery and respond more quickly to changing requirements.
Increased High Availability and Resilience

Alauda Container Platform's robust high availability and scalability features ensured that the agency's mission-critical applications remained resilient and performant, even during peak demand periods.