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Alauda Container Platform is included as an Honorable Mention in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for DevOps Platforms

Case Study: Leading Chinese Bank Transforms IT Infrastructure with Alauda Container Platform

One of the largest banks in China, with an extensive network of branches and a rapidly growing digital presence, recognized the need to modernize its IT infrastructure to stay competitive in the fast-paced financial industry. The bank sought to embrace containerization and cloud-native technologies to improve agility, scalability, and reliability of its applications and services.



The bank faced several challenges in its IT infrastructure and application deployment processes:

Managing and scaling a large number of applications across multiple datacenters was complex and time-consuming.
High Availability
Ensuring minimal downtime for critical banking services was crucial, but the existing infrastructure lacked robust failover mechanisms.
Multi-Cloud Compatibility
The bank wanted to leverage the benefits of multiple cloud providers, such as Huawei Cloud and VMware, but lacked a unified management platform.
DevOps Inefficiencies
The development and operations teams worked in silos, resulting in slow application deployment cycles and manual error-prone processes.
Platform Complexity
Developers faced challenges in managing infrastructure dependencies and lacked a self-service platform for quick application deployment.

Solutions and Results

By adopting Alauda Container Platform, the leading Chinese bank transformed its IT infrastructure, achieving greater scalability, availability, and efficiency. The bank can now deliver innovative financial services, respond quickly to market demands, and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving industry. ACP's stable large-scale container management, multi-cloud support, DevOps automation, and platform engineering capabilities have empowered the bank to embrace agility, reduce costs, and drive digital transformation.

Stable Large-Scale Container Management with ACP
  • Alauda Container Platform (ACP) provided a robust and scalable container management solution based on Kubernetes.
  • The platform enabled efficient management and orchestration of containers across multiple datacenters, ensuring stability and performance at scale.
  • Advanced features like auto-scaling, self-healing, and resource optimization ensured optimal utilization of infrastructure resources.
With ACP, the bank achieved seamless scalability, easily managing and scaling applications across multiple datacenters and cloud environments to accommodate growing business demands.
High Availability and Multi-Cloud Support
  • ACP delivered a highly available architecture with multi-zone deployments and automatic failover mechanisms.
  • The platform ensured the resilience of critical banking services, minimizing downtime and providing a seamless user experience.
  • ACP seamlessly integrated with Huawei Cloud and VMware, enabling the bank to deploy and manage applications consistently across both environments.
The bank significantly improved the availability of its services, reducing downtime and ensuring business continuity. The multi-cloud support provided flexibility and avoided vendor lock-in, allowing the bank to optimize costs and leverage the strengths of each cloud provider.
DevOps Automation and Open Tools Integration
  • ACP included a full-featured DevOps platform, enabling continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices.
  • The platform integrated with popular open-source tools such as Jenkins, GitLab, and Ansible, providing flexibility and compatibility with the bank's existing toolchain.
  • Automated build, test, and deployment pipelines accelerated application delivery and reduced manual errors.

The bank streamlined its software development lifecycle, reducing deployment times from weeks to days. The DevOps automation and open tools integration improved collaboration between development and operations teams, enhancing overall efficiency and agility.

Platform Engineering and Self-Service Capabilities
  • ACP empowered the bank's platform engineering team to build self-service capabilities for developers.
  • The platform provided a centralized catalog of reusable components, APIs, and services, enabling developers to quickly compose and deploy applications.
  • Role-based access control and governance policies ensured security and compliance while promoting agility and innovation.
The self-service capabilities and reusable components accelerated application development, reducing time-to-market for new features and services. Developers could focus on writing code and delivering value, while the platform handled infrastructure complexities.