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Alauda Container Platform is included as an Honorable Mention in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for DevOps Platforms

Case Study: CSP with MSP Services Boosts Revenue and Customer Satisfaction with Alauda Container Platform

A company operating primarily as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) with Managed Service Provider (MSP) services sought to enhance its offerings and provide comprehensive Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions to its customers. The company aimed to differentiate itself in the competitive market by delivering value-added services, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction. By leveraging the Alauda Container Platform (ACP), the company wanted to expand its role beyond infrastructure management and get involved in application management to increase revenue and strengthen customer relationships.



Inadequate PaaS Capabilities
The company's existing platform lacked the comprehensive PaaS functionalities required to meet the diverse needs of its customers.
Limited Service Scope
The company primarily focused on infrastructure management, restricting its ability to offer application management services and value-added support.
High Operational Expenses
The existing platform consumed significant resources and demanded extensive maintenance, resulting in high operational costs and reduced profitability.
Competitive Market Pressure
The company faced challenges in offering competitive pricing while maintaining adequate margins due to the high costs associated with its platform.

Solutions and Results

By adopting Alauda Container Platform, the company transformed its offerings, delivering comprehensive PaaS functionalities and expanding its services to include application management. The platform's small footprint, low maintenance cost, and competitive pricing enabled the company to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce operational expenses, and improve profitability in the highly competitive market. With ACP, the company could differentiate itself, increase revenue through value-added services, and foster long-term customer relationships. The company's success demonstrates the power of combining CSP and MSP services with a robust PaaS platform like ACP to drive business growth and customer success.



Comprehensive PaaS Functionalities with ACP
  • ACP provided a full stack PaaS solution with extensive functionalities, enabling the company to cater to the varied requirements of its customers.
  • The platform offered advanced features such as application lifecycle management, auto-scaling, self-healing, and multi-tenancy, empowering customers to efficiently manage their applications.

With ACP, the company successfully expanded its PaaS offerings, delivering comprehensive functionalities that met the diverse needs of its customers. The advanced features and capabilities allowed the company to differentiate itself from competitors and attract new customers.

Involvement in Application Management
  • ACP enabled the company to extend its services beyond infrastructure management and actively participate in application management.
  • The platform provided tools and APIs for application deployment, monitoring, and optimization, allowing the company to offer value-added services and support to its customers.
By getting involved in application management, the company could deliver superior support and value-added services to its customers. This led to increased customer satisfaction, higher revenue through additional service offerings, and improved customer stickiness.
Reduced Operational Costs and Efficient Resource Utilization
  • ACP's small footprint and low maintenance requirements significantly reduced the company's operational costs.
  • The platform's lightweight containerization technology and automated operations minimized the burden on the company's infrastructure and teams.
By implementing ACP, the company achieved a 35% reduction in infrastructure resource consumption and a 25% decrease in maintenance efforts. These savings allowed the company to allocate resources towards innovation, growth, and improving customer experiences.
Competitive Pricing and Increased Profitability
  • ACP's cost-effective licensing model and efficient resource utilization enabled the company to lower its subscription prices compared to competitors.
  • The reduced operational costs and improved efficiency empowered the company to maintain healthy profit margins while offering competitive pricing to its customers.

The competitive pricing made possible by ACP's cost-effectiveness attracted more customers and increased the company's market share. The company was able to achieve a 15% higher profit margin compared to its previous platform while still offering attractive pricing to its customers.