Transform Your Infrastructure into a Container Cloud

Maximize Developer Productivity

Achieve Operational Excellence

Optimize Infrastructure Utilization

Why Alauda ?

Maximize Developer Productivity

Standardize Dev, Test and Prod environments using Docker. Seamlessly integrate containers with the CI/CD pipeline to maximize developer productivity.

Achieve Operational Excellence

Transform your existing infrastructure into a modern container cloud. Fully automate infrastructure and application management to achieve operational excellence.

Optimize Infrastructure Utilization

Dynamic workload scheduling helps optimize resource utilization. Policy-driven IT governance enables flexible infrastructure self-service.

Alauda Container-as-a-Service offers Container-as-a-Service to simplify and streamline the creation, delivery and management of containerized applications. We integrate containers with the CI/CD pipeline and standardize Dev, Test and Prod environments to increase code velocity. We transform your existing infrastructure into a modern container platform to fully automate infrastructure and application management. is available as a cloud service or can be deployed on-premise. It provides a unified experience to manage public clouds, private datacenters, or hybrid environments. Request a demo today and learn how is helping organizations around the world maximize developer productivity, achieve operational excellence, and optimize infrastructure utilization.

With the tooling and solutions from, as well as the in-depth training and consulting services provided by the Alauda team, we were able to significantly reduce our resource utilization and IT cost.

Yonghong Cen
Partner, Edaixi

We have a complex deployment architecture at VIPKID. It used to take us at least one day to set up the test environment before each release. With, our test team can dynamically spin up a fully functional test deployment in minutes. This effectively unclogged our release pipeline and visibly increased our code velocity.

Zhenzhong Huo

Cloud Computing had freed our Ops team from the mundane tasks of setting up and managing the physical infrastructure. has taken this one step further to transform our infrastructure into a containerized application platform. It enables our Ops team to "move up the stack” and manage our applications with confidence.

Qifeng Wang
VP Engineering, MissFresh

Previously, to handle a surge in traffic our Ops team would have to work overtime to manually provision additional capacity. With we could set up auto-scaling for both the application and the virtual infrastructure. Capacity monitoring is fully automated. essentially puts Cloud Computing on auto-pilot, and drastically increased the productivity of our Ops team.

Mingling Liu
CTO, PengPeng

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