Virtual Docker Host in the Cloud

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Container-as-a-Service: A Next Generation Cloud Platform

Best of IaaS & PaaS

Full control over your technology stack without having to manage an infrastructure. Focus on the app without having to fit into any app model. All of the flexibility and convenience; none of the overhead or restrictions.

Designed for Microservices

Package independent, purpose-driven and reusable services with containers. Compose service containers from any source into your app. Manage the app as a whole with ease. A platform designed for microservices.

Any Cloud, Anywhere

Fully abstracts away machines and the underlying infrastructure. Effortlessly deploy an app to any region, any cloud. Freely and seamlessly migrate the app across infrastructure providers.


Alauda Container-Centric Cloud (C3)

Alauda Container-Centric Cloud (C3) offers highly available, highly scalable container hosting services. We completely abstract away the underlying infrastructure and provide a fully managed container execution environment. We offer persistent storage for stateful containers. We transparently program cross host connectivity and enable arbitrary container linking. We simplify the composition and management of multi-container apps. Alauda C3 enables one-click deployment of any containerized app, and brings the Docker-like experience to the cloud.

Alauda Container Image Service (CIS)

Alauda Container Image Service (CIS) facilitates the generation and management of container images. Our Continuous Integration supports synchronization with GitHub and BitBucket repositories and automatically triggers builds on code update. Our Container Registry offers public and private image repositories for storing and sharing container images. Alauda CIS seamlessly integrates with the DevOps pipeline for containerized apps and frictionlessly transforms source code into images that are ready to deploy.


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Founded in October 2014, is a pioneer cloud platform provider that focuses on containers and microservices. Our mission is to enable cloud DevOps to ship faster, better and cheaper. We offer Container-as-a-Service to seamlessly integrate containers with the DevOps pipeline. Our services simplify and streamline the creation, integration, delivery and management of containerized cloud apps, and bring the Docker-like experience to the cloud.

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