Alauda Container Platform

An enterprise cloud native success platform based on Kubernetes to maximize developer productivity, achieve operational excellence, and accelerate digital transformation.


Why Alauda Container Platform

With a focus around delivering cloud-native capabilities and best practices, the Alauda Container Platform empowers enterprises across industries to continuously innovate in the Digital Age.


400% faster release velocity

Maximize Developer Productivity


83% fewer incidents

Achieve Operational Excellence


60% reduction in infrastructure costs

Optimize Resource Utilization


Maximize Developer Productivity

  • DevOps Toolchain Integration

Freely integrates existing DevOps tools that developers love to use

  • DevOps Processes Orchestration

Fully customizable DevOps processes to cater to the needs of organizations of different sizes and DevOps maturity

  • Designed for Cloud Native

Designed and optimized for containerized workflows and cloud native development processes

  • Simplify Service Mesh

Adopt microservices and serverless design patterns


Achieve Operational Excellence

  • Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Manage on-prem K8s clusters as well as public cloud managed K8s clusters, such as EKS and AKS

  • Unified Control Plane

End-to-end observability for hybrid and multi-cloud to improve site reliability

  • Full Distributed Cloud Stack

A complete distributed cloud stack: public cloud, data centers & edge

  • Cloud Native Data Services

A fully integrated suite of cloud native data services that is enterprise-ready out of the box

An Enterprise Cloud Native Success Platform

Based on Kubernetes, ACP automates the management of a diverse and dynamic infrastructure, as well as supports modern application development and operations. It seamlessly integrates components of the DevOps toolchain to maximize developer productivity and unlock end-to-end agility. It provides microservices governance to enable a modern application architecture. With a focus around delivering cloud-native capabilities and best practices, ACP empowers enterprises across industries to continuously innovate in the Digital Age.

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Cloud Native Infrastructure

Alauda Container Platform provides a unified distributed cloud stack to fully automate the management of diverse and dynamic infrastructures across public cloud providers, on-prem environments and edge locations. It extends Kubernetes and goes beyond container management to offer container native virtualization, container host OS, comprehensive networking and distributed storage capabilities.

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Cloud Native Application Architecture

Alauda Service Mesh is an enterprise ready microservices governance platform based on Istio. It helps developers manage the operational complexity introduced by modern application architectures. ASM provides end-to-end observability, mediation of communication across service components, advanced service deployment strategies, improved reliability and security, and ease of management for the service mesh infrastructure itself.


Cloud Native DevOps

Alauda DevOps extends Kubernetes to offer an open DevOps toolchain integration and orchestration platform. It enables integrations of the tools developers love to use. It uses Kubernetes to orchestrate the tools running on top of the platform. Ultimately, it ties everything into an end-to-end DevOps process. The goal is to fully automate the DevOps best practices and deliver that as a service.

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Cloud Native Data Services

ACP aims to provide full-stack support for cloud native applications and offers most popular data services out of the box. It makes extensive use of the operators pattern to fully manage these components and deliver them as managed data services. In addition, ACP provides a cloud native machine learning platform which brings out the engineering best practices for doing MLOps and running machine learning workloads on top of Kubernetes.

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Continuous Innovation in the Digital Age

Learn how ACP helps enterprises across all industries achieve continous innovation with cloud native technologies and best practices.

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